2019 NCMGMA Medical Practice Salary & Benefits Survey 

2020 Salary & Benefits Survey is Open for Data Entry
Data Entry Deadline is November 25th

Survey ImageNCMGMA is pleased to announce the launch of the Medical Employee Salary & Benefits Online Survey, collecting 2020 data. This comprehensive study is designed to bring our members the information they need to see trends specific to the healthcare industry, and provide comparative information your organization can use to assist in making crucial business decisions.

Participated in 2019's data entry? Entering in 2020's data couldn't be easier with our "Copy Prior Year" data option!

Data collection is now open through November 25, 2020. Please retain this email as it contains information on accessing the platform and completing the survey.

Access to the Site

  • Link: https://benchmark.ncmgmasalarysurvey.com/
  • Enter your User Name & Password to begin entering in data If you've forgotten your password, please use the prompt on the page to assist.
  • New User? Click here to get started.

Survey Key Points

  • Have over 500 positions to enter in? NCMGMA can help! Email us at [email protected] to learn how!
  • If your practice participated last year, use the "Copy Prior Year" option to pull forward last year's data and make the necessary updates.
  • The Survey Worksheet is a downloadable spreadsheet that can be used to help compile data and can be shared with others, and is found on the Support page, once logged in. Note: this is to be used as a guide and data will need to be inputted into the platform.
  • The User Guide will help answer many of your how-to questions. It can also be found on the Support page in the survey, once logged in.
  • The Survey is divided into sections that contain categories of questions. You can begin in any section and complete the survey questions in any order.
  • The progress bar on the home page will track your overall progress and the icons will help you see any areas not completed.
  • Come back as often as needed to complete the survey. All data is saved as you go.
  • In order to access results when they are released (December), participants must complete all required questions and a minimum 75% of the survey.

Survey Demonstration Video

  • To access the demonstration video, please follow this link.

Order Your 2019 Data Access

For practice administrators who would like to purchase access to the 2019 Salary & Benefits Survey data or who did not meet the 75% survey completion requirement, the cost is $300 for NCMGMA members and $500 for non-members. To order your data access, please follow the links below.


If you have any questions about the 2020 Salary & Benefits Survey, please contact the NCMGMA offices at [email protected]