Past President Interviews

In 2021, the North Carolina Medical Group Management Association (NCMGMA) celebrated our 50th anniversary.  To help commemorate the occasion, we asked our association past presidents to participate in video interviews.

We asked them about their favorite events, funny stories, where they see NCMGMA in the future, and who were some of their guides and mentors.  Browse this page and get to know some of the leaders who have helped shape the face of NCMGMA.  We think you'll enjoy some of their fun stories as well!

Interview Videos

Debbie Cashion Image  Debbie Cashion

2011-2012 NCMGMA President
Debbie presents what she finds most beneficial from her time in NCMGMA and why the Eastern Conference meeting is one of her favorite events.

Debbie Cashion Interview
Cameron Cox, Jr. Photo Cameron Cox, Jr.

1990-1992 NCMGMA President
Listen as Cameron discusses what he feels he gets the most out of NCMGMA membership and tells us about his favorite association event.

Cameron Cox, Jr. Video
Larrie Dawkins Photo Larrie Dawkins

1977-1978 NCMGMA President
Larrie describes a time when the leadership came together on a project and tells the story of Senator J. Van Tillburn.

Larrie Dawkins Video
Larrie Dawkins Photo Matt Johnson, MA, MBA

2021-2022 NCMGMA President
Matt shares a favorite memory and explains where he sees the association in the next five to ten years, revealing some of his goals for his presidency.

Matt Johnson Video
Amanda McKinney Photo Amanda McKinney

2020-2021 NCMGMA President
Hear 2020-2021 NCMGMA President Amanda McKinney discuss her funniest memory and share what she finds most beneficial from being a member of NCMGMA.

Amanda McKinney Video
Steve Parker Photo Steve Parker

2020-2021 NCMGMA President
Steve shares some fond memories and talks about the three pillars of NCMGMA membership: education, advocacy and networking.

Steve Parker Video
Todd Pittman Photo Todd Pittman, CMPE

2003-2004 NCMGMA President
Todd shares with us the people who most influenced his association presidency and reveals his favorite NCMGMA event.

Todd Pittman Video
Jacob Rodman Photo Jacob Rodman, CMPE

2014-2016 NCMGMA President
Jacob explains what he finds most beneficial in his NCMGMA membership and shares where he sees the association in the next five to ten years.

Jacob Rodman Video
Laura Sanborn Photo Laura Sanborn, FACMPE

2013-2014 NCMGMA President
Laura lends her thoughts on the future on NCMGMA and shares a funny story from the Annual Conference in Concord, North Carolina.

Laura Sanborn Video
Fran Sembert Photo Fran Sembert, CMPE

2004-2005 NCMGMA President
Fran shares her first conference experience and her thoughts on what are the standout accomplishments of the association.

Fran Sembert Video
Lynn Spillman Photo Lynn Spillman

1997-1998 NCMGMA President
Listen as Lynn shares her first conference experience and describes what she enjoys most from her membership in NCMGMA.

Lynn Spillman Video
Melissa White Photo Melissa White

2016-2017 NCMGMA President
Melissa describes what she gets most out of being a member of NCMGMA and shares her thoughts on the future of the organization.

Melissa White Video