Durham Nephrology Associates Team Spirit & Wellness

Durham Nephrology Associates has been open throughout the pandemic. The practice serves patients with multiple chronic conditions including chronic kidney disease. In order to keep spirits up during these unusual times, the staff has held several "wellness" events including holding a "Cutest Pet" contest, a pumpkin carving contest, and have continued internal wellness perks such as providing fresh fruit in their break room, that is individually wrapped. During all of the contests, each participant contributes a donation and all proceeds go to the National Kidney Foundation as part of their team of Virtual Walkers at the annual Kidney Walk that will be held November 15th this year. Team spirit and wellness are "infectious" at Durham Nephrology!


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About Durham Nephrology Associates

Durham Nephrology Associates is a medical group whose doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and staff have been devoted to the welfare of patients for more than 25 years. We specialize in caring for people with kidney diseases and high blood pressure.

These diseases can be silent, not causing any pain, decreased urination, or other symptoms, until they have progressed to failure. Our goals include stopping or slowing the progression of an illness to prevent damage. Since some patients’ disease can worsen even with optimal medical care, we also devote ourselves to helping people physically and mentally prepare for the possibility of future dialysis treatments and transplantation. If the kidneys stop working, then we will be there to help with long term dialysis and transplantation needs.

Patients can be cared for at both our Durham and Oxford offices and we also staff a Kidney Clinic at Lincoln Community Health Center. We treat people with a variety of dialysis needs at six dialysis centers located throughout Durham and Granville counties where we provide medical direction. Our group also cares for hospitalized patients at both Durham Regional Hospital and Granville Medical Center.

Continuous high-quality health care is the goal. In order to be an effective partner with you or your loved ones, we believe in the importance of good communication. Our doctors and staff are accessible, and we encourage you to contact us for further explanation when things remain unclear.


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