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ACMPE Certification Stands Apart

Dear Colleagues,

Several practice management certification programs have appeared in the past few years, and they are actively marketing to our members. You can go to the web sites of these programs (including ACMPE Certification) and compare the requirements, content and prices.

At first glance there don't appear to be any significant differences. If that's true, then why should MGMA members choose ACMPE Certification over the others?

The answer lies in what you can't see - what goes into the development of the programs and how they are administered. Here are several important facts you need to know about ACMPE Certification:

  • ACMPE developed and regularly updates the Body of Knowledge, utilizing role delineation studies, expert panels of medical practice executives and external auditors to assure that ACMPE Certification remains relevant to current practice. The Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management defines the unique qualities and competencies a successful medical practice executive must possess and serves as the basis for the ACMPE certification examinations.
  • Information from the Body of Knowledge was also used in the development of the Healthcare Leadership Alliance (HLA) Competency Directory - an effort that identified competencies that are important for healthcare managers of all disciplines.
  • We have a separate certification governance board (the ACMPE Certification Commission) that has autonomy in essential program decisions. The Commission's sole responsibility is to maintain the rigor, value, prestige and collegiality of the ACMPE Certification and Fellowship programs.
  • We do not implement or promote ACMPE Certification as a profit center. It exists for the professional development of MGMA members and to increase the stature and recognition of the profession, not to make money for the association. There is distinct separation between certification and educational activities. We don't require any amount of continuing education to be from MGMA-sponsored programs.
  • ACMPE Certification and Fellowship programs have been in existence for over 50 years. My advice to members who are looking at options for certification is to look closely at all of the qualities of the programs. I'm sure you will agree that ACMPE Certification stands apart as THE certification for our profession!

Tom Ludwig, RN, FACMPE
Chair, ACMPE Certification Commission

Meet the ACMPE Committee!

Please call us anytime to find out about study groups, general questions and anything else that can support you in beginning the path of certification and fellowship!


Debbie Cashion, FACMPE
ACMPE NC Forum Representative and NC Chair
ACMPE Committee Member

Office: 828-624-3105

 Debbie is a long-time member of the North Carolina Medical Group Management Association.  She is a past board member and a past president of the organization.  Debbie has devoted countless hours to NCMGMA and to furthering the healthcare management profession.  Her knowledge base and passion for the industry make her an exceptional member of the ACMPE Committee team and a valuable asset to any member looking to pursue certification and Fellowship.


Susan Childs, FACMPE
ACMPE Committee Member

Office: 919-732-6832, Mobile: 919-641-5373

FACMPE is a big part of my life ever since becoming a CMPE, then a Fellow.  The education attained, friendships gained and professional recognition makes pursuing these credentials is a win - win - win situation.  Please feel free to contact me or anyone on our committee to assist as you begin considering, as well as throughout the path of Certification (CMPE) and fellowship (FACMPE)!  We are here to help you succeed!


Doral Jacobsen
ACMPE Committee Member

Office: 828-231-1479

I am delighted to serve on the ACMPE committee.  I became certified in 2006 and obtained Fellowship in 2013 working with a group of colleagues negotiating all of the ups and downs inherent in the process.  It really was all about the journey to me…through coordinating and attending study groups for the CMPE certification process I not only learned from others but shared my own perspectives on issues I was assigned.  Through working toward Fellowship I dived deep into subject matter that was not only interesting to me but critical for my career. I worked through Fellowship in tandem with an old friend and we celebrated our success together which was incredible.  The journeys to CMPE certification and Fellowship have enriched my life both professionally and personally.  I would be thrilled to assist you in your journey in any way possible so feel free to contact me.   


Laura Sanborn
ACMPE Committee Member

Office: 336-299-3183 ext. 3031



Michelle Wallace, CMPE
ACMPE Committee Member

Office: 336-714-3544

I obtained my CMPE designation in 2012.  This was a personal achievement, but through a shared goal, I formed a friendship with 4 other NCMGMA members in my study group.  We all had different backgrounds and various skillsets.  Each of us contributed something unique to the group and to this day, we continue to be a resource to one another.  I am committed to sharing the story of my journey to obtain my CMPE designation and wish to be a supportive resource to any NCMGMA member interested in doing the same.  There is no question that the CMPE and FACMPE credentials are well-respected and worth the time and investment.  Feel free to contact me or anyone else on this committee if you have questions or just need a bit of encouragement!  We are happy to help.


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